Clean Conscience Canada
August 21, 2017

Utilizing SMARTT Shipping for all our incoming and outgoing freight options has been one of the best moves we made for our business. The rates are some of the best we’ve seen, the customer service is always nothing less than superb, and now with the launch of the SMARTT Shipping Software, we can have instant quotes from multiple freight carriers with the click of a button, confirm and print the BOL all in less than 1 minute! The software is so easy to use, and incredibly convenient having all our suppliers and customers stored in the system on simple drop down menus with automated shipment notifications sent to their email. With the ability to have a quote and arrange a shipment in less than a minute, the SMARTT Shipping Software has saved us an abundance of time and energy, allowing us to move more product and improve our bottom line. We recommend SMARTT Shipping to all our business associates!